Spatial Consciousness

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Viscerally real space exists all around you right now, and that reality is demanding. There is spaciousness to consciousness. I am usually thinking about what’s in front of me. Where thoughts of work connect me to my office and the faces of my coworkers, thoughts of my family create a mental map of everywhere they live across the United States. Even ideas of vacation resound images of a beach with warm white sands and clear water – imagination yes, but connected to reality in a powerful way.

I am a millennial, at least I think I am, but I am no longer a child being defined by society. I must take care and have the mind to build a life; doing that successfully now is as consuming today as it must have been in generations past. I want to participate with society in only healthy and sustainable ways but since when did that entail removing myself from the equation? As easy as some people make it seem, I am not always being spatially conscious of my habits. Not all my consumption is eco-friendly and not every choice I’ve made has been selfless.

I cannot be responsible for Wildfires in California, hurricane devastation in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico, terrorist attacks and the failures of our socio-economic system. I am trying to pay my bills like everybody else. My problems are my own and that awareness dominates unless I am lucky enough to think of my family; where they are and how they are doing. My friends too make me feel connected with more than the immediate. The patterns I depend on can change but not without careful thought, and imagining friends and loved ones is enough to break me free from the barriers around my consciousness.  It is with imagination I can do more than achieve the minimum.

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