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Tesuke saw them waving from shore – just a few people standing there, tired and disheveled, looking as if they had just arrived after being chased from their homes.

They lived on an island where traveling by sea was illegal. Tesuke pondered this for a moment before adjusting course and sailing his catamaran towards the group. These were not Tesuke’s first passengers and certainly would not be his last.

Tesuke had been on the water his whole life, and was familiar with the way first timers could be when leaving solid ground. It did not take long for the group to clamor aboard, as most moved with such haste they hardly noticed the vessel’s shape or bright designs.

A few lingered, stretching out their last seconds ashore with forlorn and nostalgic stares inland, only boarding after the rest of the group was done. Tesuke gave them the time they needed, but said nothing before pushing off the beach. Mixing the sand and water into swirls with a long oar, the catamaran budged, and began moving out to sea.

Only after some time passed and the passengers saw their island’s shores shrinking into the distance, did anyone try and talk with Tesuke. A representative of the group came forward and explained the misfortunes faced by him and his companions, weaving a tale of unrest, injustice and disorder caused by their island’s leaders.

“It was as if we woke up one morning and all of the rules had changed,” the representative explained. “We didn’t feel safe, and we didn’t have a choice.” Tesuke listened while adjusting his sails and rudder for the wind.

By the time the tale was over, the waves had swallowed their home island from view. However, a new island now grew on the horizon. “At least he knows where he’s going,” said some. “Where is he taking us?” asked others. Faced with the approach of new and unknown lands, the group jostled closer to Tesuke and pressed him for answers.`

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