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In Pursuit Of An Island Life

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Living on a tropical island has always inspired us human beings. The idea of waking every morning to peace?—?the sheer beauty. A gentle lapping of crystal blue water on your very own white beach. Palm trees crackling in the gentle breeze. A simple idea.

A desert island is such a compelling image. It’s one that excites in us our basic desire for safety and simple thoughtfulness. Each day the sun ignites our senses. The possibility of calm reflection overpowering us.

Well, we are a long way off that island right now.

A Tsunami Just Hit
If you’ve been on a 5-year mission to outer space, suffered total communi-cations failure, and are returning to Earth in December 2016?—?then you’re excused. Otherwise right now you’ll be thinking we’ve all gone back a century or two.


I’m guessing, like me, you strive to improve yourself each day. When you make a decision, it’s for improvement. When you vote, you vote for progress. Your whole life is about making better sense of what’s around you?—?working hard to get better at it. So it feels like that’s all been a bit pointless.

At home and work the challenge is being as effective as possible?—?making it work amid the chaos/complexity that swirls around us all.

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