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In Pursuit Of An Island Life

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In a nutshell, it combines several types of technology into one device. As a result, we are informed in a more meaningful and rich way. This is different from well-known terms for devices such as the cousins?—?Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality platforms for example.

Unlike Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality doesn’t invite you to a completely different world?—?rather, it invites the digital world into yours. Mixed Reality devices constantly scan your space?—?they gather up a 3D understanding of your surroundings. It uses all that information to place digital information within your view in a realistic way?—?depending on what it can gather. You can then interact with it. You view it through transparent displays and naturally interact with the result using your hands.

We Have To Be In This Together

By being together we find connections?—?by working together we own the outcome. If we don’t own things we don’t change things. By owning the challenge, the opportunity, and all the stuff that makes them up we can make a real difference.

“It’s all too easy to let the world slide by thinking that everybody else is doing the stuff and you can just sit by and watch it happen…”

We know there is never enough time to sit back and reflect. In fact, we know it’s hard to do that in any meaningful way because of how our minds wander. In the near future we will have systems and technologies to help us do that, but we have to be careful with where that information comes from.

Defining An Island Of Sanity — Thinking Like An Air Traffic Controller

Everything is so complex now that we need help. We need the support of all our colleagues across all our connected networks. We need the best information from wherever we can get it. And we need a way to look at that information without being overwhelmed.

We’ve heard and seen a lot recently through our own self-imposed ‘echo chamber’– an isolation from the greater world that causes us to interpret things with bias?—?incorrectly. An island of sanity will help us create a space to monitor and interpret without being a part of a particular outcome or prejudice.

The Islands Of Sanity

1. Islands of sanity allow us to look at critical information through the mixed reality we need. What that means is to stand apart far enough to see what matters and be able to properly interpret it all. Filtering out the fake news, biased input and self-serving opinions from those with vested interests.

“An island of sanity allows us to stand on the shores of ignorance and the mountains of data. Looking at both from an impartial perspective?—having a more critical look at what it all means will move us to a far better place…”

Sanity requires definition. There are many who would say that insanity is
just a different place from which to view the world. Many a genius has
been qualified as insane. It just depends on how you look at it.

2. For our definition we are stating it as a place to perceive balance, equilibriums, aggregation and the absence of compromise. This allows us breathe and focus on what is right for our species and the planet as a whole.

3. This kind of sanity allows is to make better quality decisions for the benefit of everybody, not just for the few. There is a lot to say for artificial intelligence and the recent rise of data science. From here we stand a chance, as human beings are being supported by greater ways to calculate the right outcome from masses and masses of information.

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