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In Pursuit Of An Island Life

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4. We are seeing countless examples of machines solving long-term human ailment and disease in better ways then we can as humans. We need to apply these kinds of thinking in islands of sanity far away from the vested interests.

5. An island of sanity may sound remote but far from it. It is merely a different dimension of the same planet. It is right here right now in a very mixed and this degree of ambiguity points to the words and the definitions rather than to the metaphor of an island.

6. So an island of sanity is a state of mind as much as it is a place for people to get together, adjacent to the busy world in which we live. It is an attitude and mindset and an approach to the prevailing insanity and lack of leadership displayed in the systems that have been around us for generations.

7. It is by no means a new concept that capitalism and democracy and the systems that are in place today are not working for the majority. We need a new economy I knew way of thinking about that very definition and A new kind of equality for people if we are to survive.

8. Islands of sanity will be everywhere they will be within us and they will be fixed sessions retreats communities but they will always be there outside of meetings and events.

9. If we relied on meetings and events where people get together as the metric by which things change, it will be too late. The islands of sanity need to be 24x7x 365. A collaborative and connected set of minds. A place where everyone on the planet who gives a damn can contribute?—?working to the common aim without knowing what that may need to be.

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