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22 Self-Relationship Fundamentals Needed for Success

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If any of these pieces is missing, the chance of change happening is diminished. For example: If one has the skills and supports and not enough time, progress will be difficult. If one is clear what needs to happen next and is not willing to risk, moving ahead will be challenging.



• Vision – What is my grandest picture or dream or mission or vision?
• Competency – What are my strengths and skills?
• Commitment – How much do I really want this to happen? To what/who am I committed?
• Values – Why is this important to me?
• Knowledge/Wisdom – What do I know? What do I need to know?

Internal Resources

• Willing to risk – How much risk am I willing to take? What might be the consequences of taking this risk?
• Belief in self – Do I believe deep inside that I can do (or be) what I need to for this change to come about?
• Energy – How much energy can I allot to this? Do I know how to create more energy and preserve the energy I have?
• Self-Care – Am I familiar with ways to take care of myself during transition?
• Abilities – Do feel I possess all the abilities needed for this change? Or do I believe I can develop or learn these abilities?
• Beliefs that support intentions – What do I believe that will support me during this time?
• Awareness of being

External Resources

• Time – Do I have the available time? How can I adjust my priorities if needed?
• Money – What finances can I draw upon?
• Supports – Whom can I count on in my support system? What supports do I need to find?
• Environment – Is my environment conducive to this change? To what extent do I control the environment?

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  1. Rey Carr

    February 13, 2020 at 7:32 pm

    Great article. Could we have permission to include it in The Peer Bulletin Magazine? We’d provide proper citation, along with the author bio, photo and contact details as well as a link to the LPC.


    Rey Carr


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