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22 Self-Relationship Fundamentals Needed for Success

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• Clear about next action step – Do I know what to do first?
• Acknowledgment – What role does acknowledgment (of myself and from others) play in making continual progress?
• Developmental feedback – Am I open to receiving feedback and applying it?


• What is my payoff when I succeed?
• How do others benefit from my success?
• How far-reaching is the impact?


My client was a young, disciplined, energetic physician in business for three years. He desired to increase the size of his practice, yet he had a fear that the growing dissatisfaction among his over-worked staff would sabotage his success. I listened to his vision (to support more people in the community and region), his skills (marketing, resource allocation, organized and so on), his commitment (to excellent patient care and quality service), and as I went down the list we pulled out four that were missing and might hinder his success.

Context (commitment)
I had not heard anything about his commitment to staff, only to the population he was serving. That this fundamental was missing surprised him.

Internal Resources (being)
He appeared to be unaware of the importance of the ‘being’ side of himself and hence, also unaware of the importance of the quality of work life for his staff. This lack of awareness required several coaching conversations and he was pleased with the results. When he became gentler with his own expectations, his way of being also softened with his staff.

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  1. Rey Carr

    February 13, 2020 at 7:32 pm

    Great article. Could we have permission to include it in The Peer Bulletin Magazine? We’d provide proper citation, along with the author bio, photo and contact details as well as a link to the LPC.


    Rey Carr


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