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22 Self-Relationship Fundamentals Needed for Success

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Internal Resources (beliefs)
He believed that everyone he hired would be like him, that is to say, organized, highly motivated and driven towards success. During coaching he began to see his staff with new eyes, adjusting his belief to recognize that people had different motivations, and each had a unique contribution to make.

Under Momentum (acknowledgment)
Once he recognized that acknowledging his staff was a critical success factor for his upcoming changes, staff discontent diminished. We explored further as to how he could acknowledge himself, (other than financially), heretofore a foreign concept.

External Resources and Impact were in place.

Once awareness and implications of the missing fundamentals were in place, he was ready to grow his business. And he did, successfully.

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  1. Rey Carr

    February 13, 2020 at 7:32 pm

    Great article. Could we have permission to include it in The Peer Bulletin Magazine? We’d provide proper citation, along with the author bio, photo and contact details as well as a link to the LPC.


    Rey Carr


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