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How to Have Confidence in Your Coaching

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So how do you build your coaching presence muscles?
Here are a few ways to consider:
1. Practice observation. Become more mindful with the use of meditation practices, e.g. focusing on breathing.
2. Develop self-awareness. By paying attention to ourselves in the coaching relationship we can become aware of things that get in the way of being fully present and work to address them. This requires a practice of self-reflection as well.
3. Supervision. This is key to developing and sustaining presence. Regular supervision by a masterful coach helps us understand when and how we are present and how to deepen this in our practice. We have the benefit of regular and objective feedback.
4. Grounding and centering your body. Unless we are grounded and fully settled in our bodies we cannot truly be present and achieve a kind of flow. Somatic practices such as developing awareness of our bodies will help a coach become present.
5. Create an ideal coaching environment. This helps in the grounding process. Limited distractions, calming or focused artwork and a comfortable supportive chair can support our effort to be present and in flow.

A coach is always mindful of being fully present and engaged. It’s an on-going skill to develop – to be spacious in your listening and be in full connection with your client.

How will you know your coaching presence is growing in competency? What will you notice, experience or have?

This article was originally published on the International Coach Federation Blog.

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