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Case Study: Exploring Coaching Options

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How to do this? Systematically. With the blessing of the client, capture, compare and discuss different viewpoints and check assumptions and sources of data. It is possible that what the client initially presented is, in fact, accurate. It is also possible, however, that data can lead to reframing the issue and, therefore, reforming a plan of action. A simple approach for discovering what the client believes is by asking:

What is the key issue? ➔
Who is it a problem for? ➔
What factors shape the problem? ➔
What evidence is there? ➔
Can the issue be reframed based on evidence? 

Digging deeper into the circumstance, one can utilize a range of questions to get at the root cause of a problem along with reviewing data such as HR records, feedback from colleagues, observations from auditing meetings, shadowing Manoel (the Manager) and the like:

Root Cause Questions
What’s wrong?
How do you know?
What is not working?
When did things start going wrong?
When did you first notice?
How can it be fixed?
If the problem is eliminated, what will be different?

In essence, it is mandatory to define the problem in order to co-create a plan of action with the hiring client. In this case, if and where the Manoel needs help is the fundamental issue that requires definition. Whether an executive coaching program is the best solution to the problem needs to be determined based on what the problem is with the Manager. Hiring an executive coach is a popular and seemingly easy solution to a multitude of difficulties in organizations. But an easy answer is not always the best one. Where does the Manager most need the help? The answer is the primary driver of the plan of action supported and paid for by the company.

Faced with the presenting circumstances implored the question, “Is consulting, coaching, training or therapy the best approach to bring the most ROI to the firm and the Manager?”

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