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Case Study: Exploring Coaching Options

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Angela M. Airall MBA:  COACHING


My response to this RFP is two-fold. I will describe approaches to ensure that this organization is prepared for new leaders transitioning into new roles and focus on specific approaches for coaching Manoel.

For the organizational approach I will draw from two organizing principles in the coaching field:

  • Center for Creative Leadership (ACS Model – Assess, Challenge and Support
  • Michael Watkins’ “First 90 Days” and “Right From the Start”

For the individual approach, I will prescribe proven best practices in executive coaching and draw from Oxford Leadership’s reflective inquiry process.

Prior to launching the coaching engagement, there will be preliminary conversations with the Head of Business Development, the Talent Director, Manoel and his direct manager.


Manoel has just completed his first 90 days of an international assignment. He has noticed that many of his tried and true ways of success have not led to the same success he typically enjoyed in former roles. This case study explores the impact of cultural nuances, a best practice coaching approach, the impact of emotional intelligence, best practices in assessment strategy, and leadership outcomes in coaching Manoel.


Manoel spent the last three months of his time in New Jersey preparing for the new role. From a learning perspective, the weeks and months before the job’s official start date are precious. Effective leaders can leverage this time to meet with key people, understand their respective agendas and how they fit together. Manoel has the opportunity gain key insights of “what’s the same and what’s different” about the head office in Germany. He realized that things would be different and that this assignment would be a pivotal moment in his leadership career.

As he spoke to others who had completed successful job rotations, Manoel knew that an accelerated leadership transition was required.

As a newcomer to headquarters, however, Manoel has had to face a number of challenges he didn’t anticipate such as social and organizational culture, geography, language, and work style. He has had to quickly learn the strategy, goals, tactics and project teams members. While transitions are a time of opportunity with fresh starts and change they are also a time of vulnerability for a transferee who lacks established relationships, and detailed knowledge of the new culture, system and expectations.


My first meeting with Manoel was a chemistry meeting via video. I sent Manoel 20 questions, which he could feel free to ask me as a coach, and encouraged him to be honest about his assessment of what would be needed for the coaching relationship to be successful. I described the ACS approach to coaching along with my customized method of these steps:

  • An Inward (self-awareness)
  • Downward (examining deeply held beliefs)
  • Upward (experimenting with new leadership insights)
  • Outward (aligning his purpose, values and vision)
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