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Case Study: Exploring Coaching Options

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  1. Practice Reflective Listening

Manoel needed to improve his listening, and practiced as we engaged in the following discussions:

  • Helping Manoel learn how to ask better questions — he needed to get into the habit of “asking” rather than “telling” in project team meetings; and
  • Helping Manoel learn to take a moment to quiet his mind to develop better focus. We practiced how to ensure he was emotionally quiet, so he could better tune in to his colleagues.


While the risk factors for Manoel’s success lingered, people slowly began to notice that he was trying, and he was resolute in his determination to succeed in this assignment. Not accepting defeat was an important value of his.

As time went on, Manoel learned to modify his behaviors and experiment with a different leadership style. He found ways to use his civic engagements as outlets for his expressive Bold tendency. As he walked in the door each morning, he learned that deep breathing and reframing his tendencies helped him succeed over time.

Manoel liked to share this story as three years later he was tapped for another assignment to Japan. There he would have the insight to know how he could benefit by having a transition coach and the tools to help him learn a new culture. To this assignment he would take his wife and begin a new family.


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