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What Are the Qualities of a Good Coach? – Learn 6 of Them Now

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You don’t provide them the answers, but instead, you help them find the answers. This helps reinforce the idea that you believe in them, thus it empowers their own self-worth. If they’re struggling to come up with an answer, you may use leading questions that progressively move the person toward the desired goal.

Challenges Constructively

People are only motivated when they have a full understanding of the situation, and you can help your clients see any contradictions between what they say and what they’re doing. They may be held back by some limiting beliefs, so help them challenge these, because everyone is always capable of doing and achieving more.
Remember: what they’ve done in the past is no indication of their future.

Provides Feedback, Never Criticism

You never want to assert your expertise at the cost of your client feeling inadequate. Remember, strive hard to make your feedback specific, relevant, helpful, and, most of all, positive.

Focuses on the Client

As a coach, you should always consider your client’s agenda over your own. This means you need to help them identify their core values, so that your leadership keeps them on track with their goals.

Helps Create Accountability

Get a commitment from your client that they will finish a certain task by a specific deadline. Achieving goals and results that are measurable helps to build self-confidence and helps motivates your clients to accomplish more in the future.

“How to be a good coach?” you may ask? Well, if you have the above qualities, then you’re on the right track to being an effective coach. If not, you can always receive more training when necessary.

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