Human Mutuality System

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In my opinion, history shows that humanity’s high point of ‘creating a world’ parallel to the real world inhabited by humanity throughout its existence is the pinnacle of human achievements in the 20th century.  From its heights we are discovering that this summit may be too high for us. Conquering the virtual summit has brought humanity to a tipping point. Humanity has created a reality for which our traditional systems and the social structures that have so far accompanied our history are unsuited. We are at a watershed: on the one hand we are being called upon to generate humanity’s next reality, yet at the same time we can observe the cracks in our social and political state that may lead us to governmental, societal and personal chaos. This reality can be likened to vertigo – the dizziness and lack of orientation that may attack a pilot flying at high speed at a great height. The force and speed of change generated by the reality of the internet may culminate in a state of ‘social vertigo’, and possibly plunge us downwards, hurtling towards a crash.

Where do we go from here? What direction is everything heading?

At this stage of the discussion, the magnitude of the summit we experienced through Apollo 8 is revealed – Earthrise. The climatic confrontation can be seen as a ‘human drill’ on a global scale before the advent of the new era, the Era of the Global Person. The stages of handling the climatic challenge can serve us as a model for dealing correctly with the new virtual reality. Humanity has in fact practiced ‘how to deal with a new human consciousness and how to turn this consciousness into active awareness’. An awareness that generates a new goal – managing a Global Ecological System.

Based on this model we can define the three vital stages of confrontation that will allow us to turn humanity’s challenge of a virtual network reality into a global human force.

The coping model:

A. Consciousness and awareness of the new reality – the Overview Effect of the virtual network reality;

B. The human challenge – Humanity’s Global Warning;

C. The solution – creating a Human Mutuality System.

Below is a brief demonstration of each of the coping stages. 

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