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God Is Dialogue

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The world is mess. From weapons of mass destruction, ethnic cleansing, and repeated tax cuts for the rich, the lessons of Jesus Christ, Allah, Vishnu, and Yahweh are ignored at great direct cost to humanity and the future of the planet.

For the most part, such negative effects have their causes, and since God is supposed to be the source of it all, it seems that humanity has not found the right God. The prevailing counter argument is that God set it up so we have free will and therefore we are the one’s messing it up either because we are evil, stupid or make bad choices. This, of course, is nonsense because it absolves God of any responsibility. While we share our full measure of selfishness and stupidity, God has some responsibility for the mess. Unless of course we have not found the right God. In that case, humanity has been living out the implications of the American Gary Larsen’s cartoon which says that, “Before he discovered his true purpose in life, Robin Hood would rob from the rich and give to the porcupines.”  This sounds like the human race.

Just found in Aramaic on the wall of a subterranean cave near Jerusalem. February 2012

Where, Master, said Jon, where has the true God been hiding?

Years past, and the old woman sat in silence.

In the seventh year, her life began to end.

Please Master, tell me, before you die.

Dying, she said,

God is a search for shared meaning.

God is always between two

All from one man and one woman in the cradle of Africa.

And before that in one seed.

If you want peace with justice, take this God as your own.

All other Gods take our brothers and sisters to violence.


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