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Why Women are Willing to Work Hard, but Need a Moral Purpose

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When Your Client is Naturally Self-Reflective, Coaching is Easier

My rationale for choosing this model with Beth in this coaching scenario is that Beth is a naturally self-reflective person and can readily implement change when presented with an intellectual model with which to work. Beth also “talks to think” and can bring herself through the various levels of change with little prompting or reframing. She is willing and open to exploration of her self-perceptions, and willing to discuss where her strengths and weaknesses lie in the framework of personal growth and development. For example, she mentions the irony of her comfort with being alone with just a book to keep her company, even though her persona presents a very people-oriented, outgoing and gregarious nature; she is able to laugh at herself, so using humor within the coaching framework is effective with her.

For instance, she often humorously portrayed herself as a “hermit” buried in her cubicle, eating her yogurt all alone at lunchtime. Moreover, Beth has learned to be appreciative of other people’s contributions, but often downplays her own. Now, she is learning to notice when she is appreciated, and what the conditions were that led to that appreciative state. Coaching with Beth is fast paced, and her mind often picks up quickly on any coaching questions or suggestions for additional insights of her own, as well as numerous “Ah Ha!” moments. As a coachee, she is malleable, open and eager to move forward with the changes to bring her to a higher level of self-awareness and understanding. Because Beth is enthusiastic and open, I felt that using this model would propel her further toward her goals. She completed her homework assignments with vigor and enthusiasm and reflected on the helpfulness of each one as she experienced small changes and new consciousness and mindfulness on a week-to-week basis. She had great confidence in my ability to coach her and many times complimented me for encouraging her to stretch herself further than she ever had before.

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