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Jeannine Sandstrom and Lee Smith

Great leaders are conscious guardians of both personal and organizational vision and values. It becomes part of who they are, and guides all they do. BEING a Holder implies understanding the necessity of never allowing vision and values to slip out of focus or priority. Merely having vision, or having values is not enough.  They must be intentionally held. A Legacy Leader® is very clear about his or her own personal core vision and values, which are the driving forces for their leadership. Leadership is not just about doing vision, and doing values- professionally or organizationally. A Legacy Leader® LIVES them, preserves them, and relies upon them as a guide.

Critical Success Skills: Core Competencies

Holding Vision and Values involves an unswerving commitment to intentional behavior that enables an organization to realize its vision and operate with integrity-consistently.  These behaviors are not mere references to non-measurable goals or giving lip service to a stated code of ethics. A Legacy Leader embraces and practices ten critical success skills which serve to shift entire organizational cultures to realize goals, and doing so also provides a solid leadership model for tomorrow’s leaders.

The success skills for this first Legacy Practice will always be hallmarks of great leaders.

  1. Consistently reinforce organizational vision and values.
  2. Intentionally model guiding principles in everything, with everyone.
  3. Personally integrate organization’s vision in all responsibilities.
  4. Have a well-defined strategic plan for accomplishing the vision.
  5. Enable the team to translate organizational vision, and align daily responsibilities with organizational goals.
  6. Establish measurable milestones congruent with vision.
  7. Ensure that organizational values are integrated into how the organization does business.
  8. Clearly identify your personal values; “walk the talk” in everything.
  9. Place importance on developing others.
  10. Effectively communicate, sustain processes to achieve vision and values.
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