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The Book Shelf: Matt Driver, Coaching Positively

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By employing some coaching strategies in therapy sessions, the therapist can help the client to prioritize the actions that they need to take. In terms of supporting the client, the therapist can help the client to identify and pursue their deep un-acknowledgement, unclearly inhibited dreams, and other possibilities. Often our clients cannot recognize, identify, or pursue their abilities, dreams, and other things because they do not have the motivational skills, practical knowledge, active support, and tough encouragement. These skills, knowledge, and kinds of supports are not typically the intention in therapy sessions, rather it focuses more on nurturing, treatment of psychological injuries, and rehabilitation process of the client. In terms of helping the client sort out their priorities in practice, coaching is very helpful when used in therapy sessions. This book helps us to get the idea in how to put coaching in related or similar area such psychotherapy.

Our conclusion is that the book is well written and can be useful for anyone who is interested, or works within this profession, but we still need to mention the following: The book gives a clear definition of “culture” and the final chapter is almost devoted to that, but it is more focused on its form within organizations.

Although the author repeatedly mentions the correlation between Psychotherapy, Positive Psychology and coaching, it somehow fails to go into more details such as, how to deal with a coachee that has other unsolved issues going on in his/her life and if so, which is priority? It would be to easy to think that positive psychology alone would be a remedy for all; hopefully in another book in this series called “Therapist into Coach” from Vaughn, there will be more information for mental health workers (as coaches) about how to better understand and assist one’s client..

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