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The Reality of Collective Intelligence

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In this example, what was really happening had become more important than the rallying cry itself. Before the ‘Walkers’ burst onto the street, people were there to support a good cause.  But once they arrived, a transformation occurred. It was no longer about fundraising, it was about hope. It was not only about the cure, it was about healing. I was swept into the energy of the crowd and the power of a holistic commitment to the cause.

The reach of this event is not only attributed to the marketing of it or the vision of its organizers.  Its multiple contributors—the walkers, the sidewalk supporters, the donators, the researchers, and their collective belief in the potential for a cure, define the reach of this event and the possibility of the outcome. In the crusade to end Breast Cancer, leaders and organizers have figured it out. The men, women and children who believe in the cause fuel funding for research. Giving them the forum to collaborate and feel the energy of their collective intelligence fuels hope and healing for everyone in the process. Everyone involved will one day deliver the cure.

Whatever the conception of collective intelligence was in early sociological theory, it has transcended just about everything the world and its people experience on a local and global level, as well as on a personal and professional level. Its power is supported by many examples of political, social and corporate success. It can be considered the highest form of thinking that leads to revolution and evolution.

The face of change is not the force of change. Whether considering a paradigm shift in an organization’s processes or local community politics, or social media forums like Facebook, people coming together, by accident or on purpose, to achieve a commonly desired outcome or share a common interest, is what makes history and defines our future. It is where the stories of transformation are born.

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