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Memory is Memorable: Coaching and Remembering

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I find that insightful and memorable dialogues often can be generated by introducing the word “Right” in a coaching session. Recently, I have also introduced a four-fold table which points to the way “Rich” as correct relates to “Right” as privilege. Here is the table:

The RIGHT Table

I typically append a brief description of each leadership style to this table:

Autocratic Leadership: one person holds all the power and determines what is real and what is the best solution to any problem that arises in this setting. [“Holding all the cards’]

Authoritative Leadership: one person sets up conditions for the appropriate engagement of other people in making decisions in this setting. [“Determining how the game will be played.”]

Manipulative Leadership: one person sets up conditions for the apparent engagement of other people in making decisions in this setting yet will ultimately determine what will be done (“knowing” what is correct and valid). {“Hiding the cards.”]

Collaborative Leadership: authority and expertise are shared in determining what is accurate (valid) and what is the correct decision to be made regarding the problems arising in this situation. [“Playing by the rules.”]

All of these distinctions in leadership style and function can be further infused with insight and memorability by introducing the third morality-based use of “Right.” The question can be posed: what is the ethical (“Right”) way in which to operate as a leader? Which type of leadership fits with your own values and your own deeply held conviction regarding the “right” way to operate in this organization (or more generally in this world)? In the use of “Right” in these multiple ways, we are fulfilling the critical role played by TOTE as a feedback system which helps us plan for, reflect on and correct our behavior as a leader.

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