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To Reach Your Goal, Take a NeuroStroll™: A Neuroscience Based Approach to Goal Achievement

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About the Authors

Marcia Ruben

Dr. Marcia Ruben is an Associate Professor, Chair of the Management Department, and Program Director for the MS Leadership at Golden Gate University, a private nonprofit university in San Francisco. Marcia joined the university in 2012. She was awarded the Judith S. Browning Award for Teaching Excellence in 2015 and again in 2020. She’s long been fascinated by the field of neuroscience and its application to leadership. In the Fall of 2016, Golden Gate University awarded her a two-year research professorship to focus research on the intersection of neuroscience, leadership, and complexity. The research professorship offered her an opportunity to do an applied research project, and she was the principal researcher for this project.

Dr. Ruben is the founder of Ruben Consulting Group and has worked as an Executive Coach, OD Consultant, and facilitator for more than 25 years. She has experience with leaders in various sectors, including high tech, cleantech, biotech, healthcare, financial services, retail, private equity, nonprofits, government, and professional services firms. She is a published thought leader in the areas of coaching, neuroscience, and complexity.

Debra Pearce-McCall

Dr. Pearce-McCall is an educator, innovator, and leader in interpersonal neurobiology (IPNB), which provides a science-based lens to consider the interactions of mind, brain, and relationships. She is a thought leader in applying, teaching, and writing about the integrative framework of IPNB, particularly in the areas of leadership, coaching, healthcare, and ethics. Dr. Pearce-McCall is a Licensed Psychologist, Executive Coach, IPNB consultant, and founder of The Center for Prosilient Minds. She has been helping people and organizations co-create chosen changes for decades.

Special thanks

The authors would like to express appreciation to Dr. Siamak Zadeh and MS Business Analytics students Tom Lin and Sana Keshtkaran for assistance with quantitative research.

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