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Establishing Core Values & Purpose to Launch a European Centre of Excellence

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Sector: Not for Profit
Assignment: Establishment of Core Values & Core Purpose to Launch a European Centre of Excellence.
Period: 2004


To assist with the creation & launch of a unique Centre of Excellence, based in Glasgow, to assist businesses in deriving value from their Intellectual Assets (IA).

Supported by the Scottish Government & European Union funding, the centre was developed in response to the demand from businesses to learn more about
their IA. An indication of the scale of the task was derived from the value of unexploited IA lying in Scottish companies being estimated at several billion pounds.

The appointment of a management team acted as the catalyst for the organisation to establish their common shared values, desired working behaviours & attitudes, in order to derive significant insights into the core purpose required to fulfil the task set through the findings of the initial market studies.


• To establish with the management team the core values & core purpose of the organisation
• To establish a unique and strong brand name & identity to be used in communication throughout Europe based on core values & core purpose
• To establish the organisation’s market positioning
• To facilitate the use of agreed core values, core purpose, & creative & communication territories to assist in:
– The launch of the centre to market & in the acceleration of brand awareness
– The development of specialist partnerships with organisations working in IA
– To increase market awareness of IA & IP
– To increase the number of instruments and methodologies available to help organisations measure & monitor IA irrespective of organisation size
– To increase uptake of the Centre’s services & expertise within a defined time frame
– To ensure additional funding of the Centre would become inevitable after the initial three-year funding period expired in November 2007


Use of an organisation wide values assessment instrument to assess commonality & alignments of values within the management team
• Workshops
• Feedback loops
• Corporate coaching of senior management executives
• Project management of naming, branding & overseeing the creative process of the Centre


The successful launch of a unique asset into Europe.

The Centre has achieved its aim of being a European Centre of Excellence with its reach now being worldwide. The creation of numerous instruments for measuring & monitoring IA/IP.

Successful continuation of funding for another three years (to early 2011) supported by Scottish and European Governments.

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