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Inform and Develop Management Information: Coaching in Public Sector

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Sector: Public Sector – Health Advisory Service
Assignment: Inform and Develop Management Information
Period: 2011


We worked with one of the upper tier senior leaders, an Associate Divisional Director responsible for Governance and Professional Standards where patient safety was paramount. The assignment involved undertaking data analysis on several aspects of the organisation’s activities to help inform and communicate new management information to the Board to help develop themes for future organisation and project development. We also reviewed the after effects of a structural review undertaken by Deloitte.


 To analyse data involving a time bound specific topical health project related to pandemics from the turn of year 2010/2011
 To analyse a second tranche of data relating to an ongoing project looking at feedback from a large group of external future service user-referrers
 To observe the effects on the staff compliment resulting from a structural review proposed by Deloitte and being implemented by the Board.


 Creation of appropriate Excel spreadsheets and diagrammatical explanation of results from the raw data provided
 Feedback loops
 Involvement in organisation meetings as observers
 One-to-One feedback at Director level


In the first of the data set the results provided a complete user perspective on the functionality of a specifically designed algorithm-based, real time tool that interfaced with the general public. The learning from these results would subsequently be utilised to inform the future management, design and development of specific diagnostic tools to cope with major but infrequent topical health issues with considerable emphasis being placed on how the organisation would plan and cope with future pandemics in Scotland.

In the second the data analysed and considered knowledge levels and degrees of understanding of the large external group in relation to the number of quantifiable deliverables available from and in partnership with this organisation. The resulting gap analysis informing aspects of attitudinal and behavioural future content, learning styles and types, course content, along with management and performance recognition.

Our observations highlighted that Deloitte’s recommendations did not consider issues relating to cultural resilience as a consequence of the ‘delayering’ exercise. It became clear that the reorganisation was increasing the degree of cultural misalignment and cultural entropy within and between Head Office and the two geographically dispersed sites evidenced by diverging behavioural and attitudinal outcomes.

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