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Team Advantage Pilot Yields Tangible Business Impacts

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The Results

Along with the attitudinal shifts of the management team, tangible business impacts were also observed. Impacts included:
• Of the seven managers who participated in Team Advantage, four made improvements in their next talent review placement.
• The overall team realized a 65% reduction in overtime, equivalent to 6 FTE’s.
• The team accelerated completion of Phase 1 of the operational inventory management process.
• The Team Advantage process led to a new approach to planning and organizing the Q4 Open Enrollment for Group and Individual business.
• Employee engagement in the department increased.
• There was a 45% increase in “PROPS,” BCBS’s program that offers a tangible way to recognize and be recognized for a job well done.

Team Advantage produced outcomes that were both measurable and observable in business results and behavior while having a profound personal and professional impact on emerging BCBS leaders. The following quote from one of the Team Advantage participants best sums up the potential of this program for sustainable change:

On a personal level, I was able to “find my voice”. Pre Team Advantage, I was the type to keep a silent voice with thoughts and ideas running through my mind with fear of sharing with others. I confessed my long time fear of sharing, stepped out of my comfort zone during one of the Team Advantage sessions, my peers encouraged me and from that time until now, I have built a confidence level and encouraged to know that I have a voice and it needs to be heard. Since that time, I can’t stop talking and I feel so free.
— BCBS Participant

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