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Executive Coaches Share Openly and Unselfishly: Dynamic Panel Discussion at ICF Annual Conference 2003

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By Joan O. Wright (Editor of Original Transcript) and William Bergquist (Editor of Revised Transcript and Commentaries)

Moderator: Linda Miller

Panelists: William Bergquist, Bob Johnson, Mary Beth O’Neill, Jeannine Sandstrom, Val Williams, Klaus Zepuntke


Bill Bergquist (2016)
In 2003, a panel of experienced executive coaches were brought together to share insights regarding the field of professional coaching as it was engaged in an organizational setting. Following is an edited version of the presentations that were made by these panelists – as informed by not only their own individual experience as executive coaches, as well as insights offered by members of the audience who participated in small groups discussions facilitated by the panelists.

The observations made by these panelists in 2003 still seem valid in many instances – after 13 years. Even in those instances where the field has changed or the challenges faced by the clients being served by executive coaches have changed, there is still value in revisiting the observations offered more than a decade ago. Furthermore, the panelists have been invited in 2016 to review their original observations and to indicate which they think are still valid, which need to be modified, and what now has to be done in the field. With final comments being offered by John Lazar, a long-term leader and practitioner in the field, there is much to be gained from looking back in time and forward to the ways in which this field might yet evolve.

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