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Executive Coaches Share Openly and Unselfishly: Dynamic Panel Discussion at ICF Annual Conference 2003

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A Bit of Panelist Personality (2003)

Moderator (Linda): One of the things we want you to know is that we are just like the rest of you. We have other interests. We probably could have gone in 14 or 15 different career paths, so we want to start out by asking the panelists to answer to the question “If you were not in the field that you are in now, if you were not doing what you’re doing right now, what would you be doing?” I’ll start, if that’s ok. If l were not an executive coach and doing some of the things I am doing, I would be a matchmaker because I love connecting people with resources–that’s really my passion. So Jeannine, do you want to start?

Jeannine: I’ve thought about that a lot. I think I would be a high-wire performer or a trapeze artist in Ringling Brothers circus. And every time I say that it’s like, now is that any different than being an executive coach?

Mary Beth: For me it would be some kind of architect. I’m a gardener and it would either be a landscape architect, or I also have a passion for community building so I think I would be a community building architect.

Bob: I tried to convince myself that what I would want to do is really prove that what we preach all the time works so that I would actually be a CEO of an organization and have a position of power so I could actually really make the coaching culture stick in organizations. But that sounds like a really tough job, so I wouldn’t do that. So I think what I would actually really be is a monk on a motorcycle.

Bill: Well I think I have the privilege of being the oldest one on the panel so I actually am thinking about what I am going to do next. I have published several songs which is a real joy and I’ve actually started on two musicals.

Klaus: Well, either I would run a bookstore combined with a cafe or I would be a writer at a house by the sea and probably be starving by now.

Val: Well for me if l were not a coach there’s no question I’d want to be Cher or Tina Turner. The only detail is I can’t sing.

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