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Ten Trends Driving Organizational Coaching

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What does the future of coaching in organizations hold? This white paper synthesizes what surveys are saying with what coaching leaders are thinking about emerging trends.

The survey results cited come from the International Coach Federation (ICF), Human Capital Institute (HCI), Conference Board, DDI, Sherpa Institute, American Management Association, Deloitte, and DDI.

The stories behind the statistics come from confidential interviews with dozens of North American coaching leaders, plus panel presentations on The Future of Coaching in Organizations at the 2015 Capital Coaches Conference in Washington, D.C.

Interviewees represent market leaders in aviation, defense, energy, environmental engineering, financial services, health care, management consulting, pharmaceuticals, technology, and telecommunications, plus non-profit organizations and agencies in the U.S. and Canadian governments. Each person addressed three key questions:

* How does your organization use coaching today?

* What is the outlook for coaching in your organization over the next 2-3 years?

* Looking into your crystal ball, what do you see as the future of organizational coaching?

To a person, these subject matter experts were eager to share and compare experiences with their industry peers. The hope is that this paper will enlighten and stimulate discussion among the leaders who are creating the future of coaching in organizations.

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  1. Rey Carr

    December 27, 2016 at 2:34 pm

    With the increasing use of polls and surveys by different coaching groups or independent survey firms, it has become more difficult to integrate the different findings into a coherent picture.

    Carol Goldsmith integrates the results from different surveys/interviews brilliantly in this article; and for those with a short attention span, she’s even included the top 10 in an executive summary.

    Most of the organizations that conduct coaching surveys do not point out the limitations of their instrument or data collection procedures. However, when such surveys are combined, as they are in this article, the resulting data can be more credible.


    • Carol Goldsmith

      January 2, 2017 at 10:33 pm

      Thank you for the kind comment, Rey. Glad you found the article to be useful.
      Be your best, Carol

      Carol Goldsmith, PCC, NLPT
      The Discovery Coach


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