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The Women in Assessments

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Tricia Nadoff, CEO of Management Research Group (MRG) ∙ Management Research Group (MRG) Leadership Effectiveness Analysis™ (LEA360™)

The LEA360 is a multi-rater leadership assessment designed to provide insights on an individual through measurement of 22 leadership behaviors and 30 leadership competencies.  The purpose of the LEA360 is to significantly increase the leader’s self-awareness, provide clear choices for increasing effectiveness, and clear coaching suggestions and recommendations for moving forward successfully.

What makes the LEA360 effective is the clarity and insight of the feedback; the combination of both behavior pattern feedback and competency effectiveness feedback; the insights provided through the open-ended questions; the detailed coaching suggestions included in the companion resource guide; and the guided action planning process, also included in the resource guide.  In addition to what the individual leader receives, the coach has an extensive research library available to her/him to gain further insights into leadership effectiveness – this research includes, but is not limited to, leadership effectiveness by gender, age, management level, function, industry, leadership competencies and leadership potential. The tool is over 30 years old.

 Sharon Birkman, CEO Birkman International   Birkman 360™

The Birkman Assessment is a Behavioral and occupational assessment used for executive coaching and building teams. It views people in a 3-dimensional way within one 30-minute assessment. The Birkman 360 is unique in that the results can be mapped to the Birkman Method results.  This mapping makes it easier for the coach to understand the reasoning behind the 360 results and can provide a place to start when developing the action plan for the subject.  The tool is 68 years old.

Shreya Sarkar-Barney CEO of Human Capital Growth     HCG Leadership Effectiveness Profile™; the HCG Team Effectiveness Assessment™

The HCG Leadership Effectiveness Profile assesses attributes that are hard-wired and those that can be developed for success in a leadership role. It is an ideal tool for making hiring decisions and for gaining insight into development needs of a leader.

The HCG Team Effectiveness Assessment​ is based on meta-analytic findings of team effectiveness across a variety of job types, including production teams, airline teams, and paramedic teams. The online survey can be conducted with an intact team or with multiple collaborative teams.  Parts of the assessment can be customized to gain a deeper insight into specific areas.  When conducted across teams, the comparison of ratings highlights differences and similarities in perceptions among team members or between teams.




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