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Q: How do we measure assessments for reliability/ how do we determine the best?

Tricia Nadoff  ∙       The reliability measures of an assessment essentially answer the question “If nothing else changes in this individual, will her results in this assessment remain consistent?”  The measure of the validity of an assessment essentially answers the question “Does this assessment actually measure what it says it is measuring?” The tests for reliability are pretty simple and straightforward, depending on the type of assessment you can either compare time 1 and time 2 results of the assessment or you can compare the responses from the first half of the assessment to the responses in the second half of the assessment.

On the other hand, the pursuit of demonstrating the validity of any given assessment never actually ends. To keep an assessment current an assessment organization must constantly be measuring how the assessment performs against current, modern expectations of leadership. To do this assessment providers gather various types of concurrent measures and examine correlations between their assessment and the outside measures.

In this way, the validity is determined based on the degree to which the assessment performs in relation to the concurrent measures. For example, you would expect measures of empathy to correlate positively with concurrent measures such as sensitivity to others feelings and willingness to listen while you would expect there to be a negative correlation with a concurrent measure such as aggressiveness. Additional measures of validity include face validity which essentially means those who were receiving feedback believe that the feedback is accurate and expert peer review in which those respected in the field review the structure of the questionnaire, the scoring mechanism, and the output and make an expert assessment of validity.

Shreya Sarkar-Barney ∙    Our assessments are based on validated models that are backed by research evidence and global applicability.

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