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The Women in Assessments

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Barbara Singer CEO of ExecutiveCore    ∙  Awareness 2020™

A newcomer in the assessment space the Awareness 2020™ is an Awareness IQ™ for presence and self-awareness. This assessment is used to explore how well a person inspires employee engagement and obtains results. The Awareness Index communicates the value of belonging to groups in a way that energizes others to be optimistic, hopeful, and resilient.  It helps to distill complex ideas into a clear plan of action and extend others’ ideas to synthesize/combine normally unrelated thoughts, ideas, and actions. It can help a leader operate with an entrepreneurial mindset to make decisions as if they were the “owner of a business.” The tool was introduced in 2018.

 Cheri Tree, CEO of BANKCODE BankCode™  

BankCode™ is a self- report assessment, which predicts buying behavior based on four personality types that are based on the four temperaments.  The temperaments identify four discrete factors that identify unique motivators: Blueprint, Action, Nurturing, and Knowledge (B.AN.K.™).  The short version takes up to 90 seconds and the long version takes two to five minutes.  It can be administered and scored by anyone. The tool has been in use for over 10 years.


Q: Who is able to administer your instrument?

Tricia Nadoff  ∙       LEA360 requires experience in both development and prior assessment usage. Certification includes pre-work conducted through a learning management system, completing one’s own assessment, participating in either a two day in person training session or a five module remote session, and the completion of one LEA360 assessment feedback with an individual outside their certification cohort.

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