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The Women in Assessments

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Sharon Birkman ∙        360s work best as a developmental tool when there is a plan to conduct an initial 360 and a follow-up 360 once the agreed upon action plan has been completed.  This provides the “subject” the opportunity to determine if their hard work has paid off.

Shreya Sarkar-Barney ∙      Documented in (Kluger and DeNisi, 1996) feedback fails about a third of the time.  Whether 1:1 or multi-source not all feedback is a gift as one believes.  The context matters!  If the goal of for the 360 feedback to be developmental, the receiver must see the sources to be trustworthy, and the feedback must be constructive (does not have to be positive) and it must be behavioral.

Q: How does your instrument support the role of a master-level executive coach regarding being an “enterprise-wide business partner™”*?

Tricia Nadoff ∙        LEA360 Provides behavior feedback such as strategic, persuasive, production; competency feedback such as the ability to see the big picture, ability to deliver results, effective decision-making, ability to develop others; and research that all support the development of leaders to be more effective at bringing about enterprise-wide success.

Sharon Birkman ∙        We can help the coach in an individual or a systemic way. As the coach aligns teams and works with leaders at all levels.

Shreya Sarkar-Barney ∙        Assessments allow a leader to gain self-awareness and with the guidance of a coach to develop a behavioral repertoire that is relevant to their work setting.  Coaches benefit from these instruments because it quickly helps them narrow down on the areas where their client needs help and it allows their clients to make visible improvements.

Barbara Singer  ∙      Instruments can provide executive coaches with a focused and multi-faceted way to assess a client’s current self-awareness and to support that client to achieve greater self-awareness for better performance and more successful outcomes. Self-awareness and awareness management have been linked to leadership excellence. But “awareness” has been difficult to reliably assess and quantify. Awareness 20/20™ is designed to meet the need for a quantitative method of assessing leaders’ awareness skills and practices to provide ROI data for the coaching engagement.

Cheri Tree  ∙       BANK™ can be used to provide a simple, quick, common language for people to better understand each other and communicate more effectively. Leaders can understand their direct reports and communicate in a more effective manner.

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