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White Paper: 5 Steps to Close 5 Figure Engagements

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• What is this lack of engagement costing your company in sales?
• If you had to quantify your engagement issue in terms of lost productivity,

how might you go about estimating it?
• How is the lack of engagement having an impact on your customer satisfaction? • What are your costs of turnover and recruiting new employees?
• What is the impact on your stress? Your time?
• How will you feel if you don’t resolve this issue soon?
• What does it mean to your executive team?
• What else is this lack of engagement costing your company and you?

When I asked my prospective client these questions, I found out that his $10 million technology company had reached a full stop in growth. He knew he could grow his company to $20 million in five years if he could solve the issue. Instead, he was stressed, not sleeping, and spending too much time ranting to his executive team about the issue rather than focusing on strategic growth.

Do you think he was ready to hire a coach for a mere five figures to solve a $10 million revenue problem? Would he have been as ready if I just began pitching coaching to him? No!
Note that if the client answered these questions in a way that showed he didn’t have a very big problem or didn’t seem very serious about solving it, that would have been no problem. I would have known that I didn’t have to waste time pursuing him. The purpose of the coaching is to con- firm whether there might be a good fit or not.

STEP 3: Shift to great questions about the value in solving the problem

Don’t leave your client hanging out there, depressed, with all of those Cost Questions.
The next step is to help your client start thinking about a better, brighter future. With questions that summarize the ultimate goal up your sleeve, you have the ability to truly make your value known. Value Questions take Cost Questions one step further by envisioning the ideal outcome.

Here are some examples of Value Questions from the previous scenario:

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