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White Paper: 5 Steps to Close 5 Figure Engagements

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• You can show that you have substance. You don’t just want the best for your client’s business. Show them you are certified, qualified, and experienced enough to coach them through it.

• You have frameworks, or toolkits, to work with. Use a set structure which you can outline from the start.

• Your frameworks are proven to get results. Instill confidence in your client by presenting proof that the methodology you plan to apply was developed by experts, and has helped business leaders worldwide.

• You present yourself as an expert. How you present yourself online as a professional and leader in your field will show the client that you are capable of delivering what you promise.

You could just decide to wing it, but without a toolkit or framework, you risk looking shallow. With- out any materials or frameworks to back up what you’re promising to do, your client may not be as confident in you as they could be. The more legitimate you appear initially, the more likely your client is to hire you — and then stay with you for the long haul when you deliver value.

STEP 5: Ask what the client would like to do next, listen and respond Now you are ready to go back to coaching mode. You have just one more questions to ask, assuming you have done everything noted above.

The most important question to ask is the last: “What would you like to do next?”

Put the ball in their court. You are an investment they will be making in the repair of their business, therefore, it’s important not to push them into a decision. They will be more invested in a solution they took on by choice, rather than one they felt forced to take. Don’t be afraid to put them in control – it’ll be worth it in the long run. The client already feels like they are losing control of the situation – that’s why they came to you to discuss their issue in the first place. They will appreciate you stepping back at this stage and allowing them to decide what they want to happen.

Coach them on the close!

Empathize and respond

To close the sale and clinch the client, don’t sell your services further. You’ve done all you need to do. Instead, reassure them. Empathize. Tell them you understand how big a decision it is. Put yourself in their shoes. It will go that extra mile to assure the client that you’re on their side. If your client feels like they can relate to you, and that you ‘get’ them, then you’ll win them over all the easier.

No matter their decision, keep your elation or disappointment concealed until you are alone. Prac- tice your best poker face – glee will be perceived as unprofessional, and disgruntlement will make your client feel unnecessary guilt, leaving a lasting bad taste in their mouth – which could translate into negative word-of-mouth discussion of you and your business, costing you future clients.

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