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A Sample Chapter of Thriving Work: Resistance

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Releasing Fear and Doubt

May I breathe into being fully present,

taking in this pure moment.

May I gently acknowledge my fears and doubts

and breathe through them.

May I acknowledge the many funny faces

of resistance

that try to keep me small

to keep me from courageously facing

and moving through

my fears and doubts.

May I continue to breathe deeply

to the center of my Self,

allowing the resistance to go play elsewhere

and allowing the fear and doubt

to naturally dissipate.

May I allow my own true radiance

to shine from, through and as my breath.

May I increasingly recognize and receive

the ideas and inspirations

that nudge me,

pressing to radiantly burst forth.

May I feel the flow of life

running through me.

May all beings breathe

through their fears and doubts

and laugh away their resistance

so they, too, may allow their own true brilliance

to shine more radiantly.

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