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A Sample Chapter of Thriving Work: Source

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Click the red button at the bottom of the page to download the free sample chapter of Thriving Work: 90 Days of Daily Practice for Transforming You and Your Coaching, Consulting or Healing Business (by Ann Strong). Click the cover image to the right under Our Sponsors to purchase the entire book in paperback.

A journey to your best self…


We are each a unique Divine Wave in the unlimited Ocean of God, Source, Universe, Spirit – the Divine Energy that runs in, through and as every single thing in existence. As our own unique Divine Wave, we are the Source of our own experience. We have the boundless ability to create whatever we choose. We create more of what we desire when we allow ourselves to know and experi ence the truth of our Divine identity.

You chose to be here. On this planet. Now. As you. In your life.


Sourcing Creator rather than reactor

Without conscious knowing of our divinity, reactor thinks, “It’s be- yond my control.” Creator, though, takes full responsibility for a situation, knows that all things are possible, decides what she’d like to create and begins creating it.

Most of us have not understood the immense power of actually living from the knowing that we are Creators. At this very mo- ment, our lives are our creations based on our beliefs, thoughts, feelings and actions as Divine Waves who do, in fact, constantly create.

With free will, we get to create whatever we choose. If we don’t consciously choose, we create from our early human program- ming that tells us something is wrong with us, that we are missing something. So guess what? We create ourselves as missing some- thing – often, many things!

Recognizing reactor

How often do we hear reactor language:“I can’t because…

…of the economy.”

…he/she wouldn’t like it.”

…I don’t have the money.”

…I’m not sure of my schedule.”

…I’m not ready yet.”

Reactor language is the norm. Most people live from reactor mindset without even realizing it.

Recognizing Creator

A small minority of people consistently live from the Creator mindset. Which explains why far less often do we hear: “I’d love to,” or “You can count on me because…

…people need my services more than ever in this economy.”
…I’m excited about this project and I’m committed to making it happen.”

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