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A Sample Chapter of Thriving Work: Source

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“Hiring a new assistant now will help grow my business in the way that I’d like. I’m going to sit down with my business coach on Tuesday to create a plan for how to do it now.”

Pay close attention especially when you feel overwhelmed. Do you hear yourself saying something like, “I wish I could make some calls to get a new client, but I just don’t have the time.” Or, do you hear yourself taking full responsibility and creating what you desire, “It’s important for me to bring in a new client right now. I’m going to make six calls this week.”

My coach, Jeff Patterson, shared with me that he felt the sensation of overwhelm many times as he trained for and then climbed Mount Aconcagua, a 23,000-foot mountain in Argentina. Because of his commitment to knowing himself as Creator and doing what it would take to make that happen, he reached the summit, re- turned to the base of the mountain and subsequently returned to his home in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, safely and triumphantly!

Pay attention to your language throughout the day. As you hear anything less than empowering Source language, jot down that language on your My Specific Brand of Reactor Language pages (pages 34 – 35). Then, begin to turn that language around. On your Source: Creator Language pages (pages 36 – 37), write new, empowering language to replace the old reactor language.

Then, begin using and living into that new language! Continue replacing any reactor language with Creator language.

To deepen your daily practice, ask one or two friends, family members or colleagues to buddy with you. Help each other hear each of your ‘blind spots.’ Make an agreement to call each other on reactor language. Together, you can become aware of your specific brand of reactor language and shift it.

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