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Coaching for The Greater Good

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Renee Freedman and William Bergquist

Coaching is a personalized service that is classified as one of the helping professions. Coaches help their clients to mature, to expand their world view, to grow their capacity for generative action, to develop self-confidence and peace within, to care for their well-being, and to develop into someone who can create their desired difference in their communities and, perhaps, the world.

When we think about ‘the greater good’, it is often in the context of altruism, generosity, and service. There is general acceptance that the ‘greater good’ refers to some type of service or action on behalf of others, beyond our selves. It entails prioritizing something in order to take care of something bigger than us. For coaches, this equates to being of service by providing coaching for ‘the greater good’ of the community, to support an individual or team focused on solving a challenging social, health, or economic issue, and/or to make a difference that will result in world betterment.

Coaches often enter the field of coaching to support others who wish to discover and achieve greater good in the world they want to impact. We do this by helping our clients to expand their perspectives, stop self-sabotaging behaviors, open their hearts, and become aware of who they truly want to be in the world. In many ways, coaching is organically a phenomenon of the greater good and as we expand the perspective and consciousness of each person we coach, we contribute to the collective ‘greater good’ culture.

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