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Coaching for The Greater Good

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Finally, there is a fourth way that coaches can serve the greater good. They can help to build collaborative ventures that not only extend the reach of coaching practices oriented toward the greater good, but also build bridges and networks that enable sharing of best practices and coordinated international coaching initiatives directed toward the greater good in such areas as environment protection, social justice and workplace equity. The Role Four Generativity that motivates these collaborative efforts resides at the heart of those who have contributed to this issue of The Future of Coaching.

When taking into account all four generativity roles, it becomes clear that our opportunity as coaches to shape a world culture of ‘greater good’ is boundless. Of course, there are those clients who are not yet ready for the conscious awareness that is required for an orientation to the greater good. Yet, as coaches we are capable of supporting our clientele to move towards this orientation—and supporting the field of coaching itself towards this orientation. As coaches, we are indeed a conduit for instilling the mindset of a ‘greater good’ culture. It is in this context that we offer this issue of The Future of Coaching.

In this issue of The Future of Coaching we explore the relationship between ‘the greater good’ and coaching by soliciting new written essays as well as including several essays already published in the Library of Professional Coaching or (with several revisions) in our predecessor publication, the International Journal of Coaching in Organization (IJCO]. We have also ventured fully into a new mode of publication in the Library of Professional Coaching (LPC). We have conducted interviews with accomplished coaches, as well as advocates and sponsors of coaching, who have offered services on behalf of one or more of the four roles of generativity.

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