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Coaching for The Greater Good

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Alex Petroff and Bill Carrier: Coaching for the Greater Good

Alex and Bill focus on not only the incredible work that Alex has done in addressing the issue of poverty in East Africa, but also on the need to take care of oneself while coaching to the greater good. Alex indicates that he is one of those weird people who finds that his life becomes very simple and easy under conditions of stress. His problem arose when he was no longer in this stressful circumstance. Bill helped Alex realize that he was not adjusting well to this shift in circumstances. Without Bill’s help, Alex might have only had a year or two in him before he crashed. The 20,000 people that Alex and his colleagues eventually helped wouldn’t have happened if Alex hadn’t gotten himself in shape.

Perry Rhue: Coaching to the Greater Good

Perry Rhue has been coaching for many years and has always perceived coaching to ultimately be for the greater good. However, following the death of George Floyd, Perry became involved in sessions with other coaches who explored deeply embedded issues regarding race. Histories regarding race were never lost (especially among those who had experienced discrimination and injury). These histories were not forgotten; instead, they were hidden. The narratives that are now emerging regarding race contain and induce trauma for all parties. This trauma might have been best addressed in South Africa rather than the United States. It might be in the search for truth and reconciliation that racial wounds can begin to be healed. The future of coaching might best be directed in part to this process of discovering truth and finding ways to reconcile with other people regarding the matters that divide us and that lead to violence (both physical and psychological).


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