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Generativity and the Greater Good: The Life and Work of Two Professional Coaches

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To paraphrase Rey’s wife, Sarah Carr, we are all blessed to have had both Lee Salmon and Rey Carr in our life. Tragically, both are no longer with us. Each passed away within the past two years. It is up to each of us, therefore, to move forward in Coaching to the Greater Good. Both Lee and Rey would have wanted us to do so. The good wishes offered by these two men would be a clear and compelling manifestation of their generative mind, heart and spirit.


Following are comments made by Sarah Carr after reading this essay:

Rey would have appreciated your specific discussion of the levels of Generativity.  In the expansion and clarity of these ideas, I am reminded that Rey’s research and writing skills were honed as an academic during 20 years in Counselling Education at the University of Victoria. He challenged himself and his students to the highest standards of research and writing, while honing clarity about the complexity of ideas. He was a creative teacher and workshop leader, putting questions to students and participants, helping them clarify what was meaningful to them. I think these thinking processes and writing skills were foundational in his years of private consulting, and publishing the Peer Bulletin. And he often shared with me the push and pull of how to write about the various coaching organizations. He wanted to be fair and honest, challenging and supportive.

I thank Sarah for these comments and for being a supportive life partner for Rey.



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