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The Ten Commandments for Gamechangers

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COMMANDMENT V: Respect Father and Mother > Appreciation is Power

___  Appreciating what others bring

___  Team skills (e.g., building consensus, alignment)

___  Coaching skills; effective empowerment of people

___  Managing the details, not dropping anything out

COMMANDMENT VI: Don’t Kill > Anger Management

___  Regulating your own emotions (e.g., anger, fear)

___  Understanding your own emotions

COMMANDMENT VII: No Adultery > Walking Your Talk

___  Maintaining clarity on your ethical values

___  Matching your words and deeds; integrity

___  Tackling ethical

COMMANDMENT VIII: Don’t Steal > The Business of Giving Back

___ Contributing to others; always giving more than receiving

___ Adding value to people and/or organizations

COMMANDMENT IX: No False Witness: From Breakdown to Breakthrough

___  Thinking strategically; identification of what is missing, of blockages

___  Being powerful in the face of breakdowns; turning breakdowns into

___  Never ever, ever giving up; being fearless; undaunted by No

COMMANDMENT X: Don’t Covet > In Their Shoes

___  Enrollment: utilizing and integrating people’s existing agenda

___  Managing cultural diversity; standing in the shoes of the other person

___  Decoding another culture (organizational or national)

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