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The Ten Commandments for Gamechangers

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A Rabbi asked a couple, “Are you keeping all Ten Commandments?” The husband snapped: “Of course, I keep four, she the other six!” But the Ten Commandments are a holograph: For sustainable game-change, we must strive to live up to them all.  Frankly, our common future depends on it.

Self-Assessment: Leading with the 10 Commandments

I invite you to assess yourself. Properly harnessed, each of the Ten Commandments provides tools for 21st-century gamechangers. Rate your competencies (1=non-existent, 2=weak, 3=fair, 4=competent, 5=masterful). Be honest with yourself: neither negative nor boastful. It is not about looking good.

COMMANDMENT I: Out of Egypt > Beyond the Limits
___  Responsibility for the whole of your organization and mission;
willingness to take charge

___  Checking your own assumptions, blind spots, hidden motives, values;
staying centered

___  Beginner’s mind; remaining a student; openness to coaching Teaching
ethical dilemmas

COMMANDMENT II: No Idols > Authentic Vision

___  Creating and articulating a future for people; inspiring others

___  Bringing vision back when people have lost it in the day-to-day details

___  Sustaining an environment of vision, momentum, breakthrough

COMMANDMENT III: Don’t Speak In Vain > Leading Through Language
___  Listening for distinctions (e.g., in running meetings); listening for
openings, solutions

___  Making powerful promises, requests (measurable, with deadlines)

___  Cultivating and deepening relationships

___  Giving and receiving feedback effectively

COMMANDMENT IV: Keep the Sabbath > The Power of No

___  Being still; ability to step back; letting go of control

___  Working from priorities; saying no to low-priority demands

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