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4 Reasons Females Struggle in Leadership Roles

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  1. Women struggle to champion other female leaders – there aren’t enough women supporting females coming through the ranks of leadership. The corporate battle with female participants builds up in every industry. In the NY Times a survey that was conducted by the Workplace Bullying Institute showed that 40 percent of workplace bullies are women. Let’s try adjusting our mindsets and behaviours – there’s no need to pull other women down so that you can progress ahead. This level of thinking and behaviour should be eliminated from the business landscape. Try working together with your female colleagues to increase the percentage of women in leadership roles and to create a more supportive working environment.


  1. Lacking a voice – Some female leaders are too afraid to voice their opinions due to the belief that they will not be liked, might get certain things wrong or might jeopardise their position at the company. Professionalism and capability outweigh popularity and weakness and women may have trouble with understanding the difference. So, for example, should you have a difference in opinion regarding an issue with your male counterparts – address it professionally in a calm and dignified manner by keeping your emotions at bay while showing respect to the other party.



It will take a bit of practise to master the art of speaking up, speaking out, and contributing, however with perseverance you will experience a great journey in your leadership role while creating a space for future female leaders.

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