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Eight Ways to Deepen Appreciation through Coach-Based Consulting Questions

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 Recognizing Distinctive Strengths and Competencies

  • Focusing on strengths rather than deficits (we are more likely to change when we have been appreciated than when we have been criticized and told to change)
  • Focusing on lessons to be learned from mistakes and, in particular, the elements of competency and success within the mistake (success-orientation versus failure avoidance)

Uncovering Distinctive Strengths and Competencies

  • Discover obscure strengths through the encouragement of feedback that focuses on moments of competency and success (“catch them when they’re doing it right!”)
  • Realize potential and latent strengths through the provision of safe times and places for exploration, experimentation and learning (creating sanctuaries)

Recognizing the Value of Cooperation

  • Integrating oneself through an appreciative culture (appreciation is sociopetal/pulling inward not sociofugal/pushing outward)
  • Recognizing and uncovering the strengths and competencies of another as they seek to appreciate our distinctive strengths and competencies (strategic advantages of cooperation and mutuality)

Constructing Provocative Propositions

  • A statement bridging the best of “what is” with a speculation or intuition of “what might be” (“leaning into the future”)
  • Stretch the realm of the status quo, think in systemic terms, challenge assumptions or routines, and suggest real/desired possibilities (“beating and breaking the bounds”)
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