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Leadership Change Ending Blindness and Igniting Intention Measuring and Graphing Change

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The methodology can be used by any organization committed to changing leadership behaviors to create the desired culture.  This approach can result in substantial change within a 12-18 month period.    This approach combines different human behavior research to help shift a staff of leaders with key parts being observing, providing feedback and making the less tangible more visible through graphic behavior change over time.

I learned as I went along on this journey with the staff.  Below are a few observations and moments that illustrate what I discovered.

Some unexpected results in the beginning when I observed if there was a good amount of recognition at the beginning of the meeting then there were more appreciative statements.  If there was fewer recognition then there was less appreciative statements they tracked together.  Last year the habits became strong so I noticed recognition and appreciation now track independently of one another.

In one meeting when I observed the mood dropped the lowest I had experienced in a long time, I mentioned it to the vice president.  He then went into the next meeting being intentional about the positive leadership energy he brought into that meeting which totally shifted the entire mood.

I have been struck by comments leaders make now that tell me they are better observers of themselves and others in a meeting.  They will talk about changing their approach when they notice the body language going negative or about being intentionally with a specific behavior to help encourage a team that is struggling, reminding them of the confidence they had in their ability to solve challenging technical problems.

An executive shared with me that he had observed a manager asking closed questions and saw the impact that had on the person the manager was talking with, the employee moving into a defensive mood and withdrawing.   The executive provided a little coaching to that manager on open questions.   Then manager he had coached later reported when he asked open questions he noticed the difference it made in the dialog and reaction of the other person.

What a difference it is now to observe meetings and experience the increased leadership behaviors.   The leadership continues to take it to new levels.  I am honored that I have been on this journey with them and proud that they have embraced and continue to expand their leadership habits and increase their intentionality.

There are now many meetings, I leave with a big smile on my face.

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