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How to Stop Lying to Yourself About Who You Really Are

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3. How can I stop limiting myself?

Here’s the good news. You can use the same expertise you used to create and reinforce the lies, to manifest the reality you want — one based on the truth about you.  A paradigm shift takes determination, but you’ve done it before and you can do it again. Just remember a time when you said, “I can’t” — and then did it anyway!

To stop limiting yourself, you need only shift your strongest limiting paradigm into a positive one. How do you do that? You make it up! What statement describes the reality you want to create for who you really are?

Here are some examples:

⦁ I’m creating the job I love, the job I always wanted.
⦁ I’m a gift — anyone would be so lucky to have me.
⦁ Money is abundant and flowing spontaneously to me.
⦁ I know exactly what to do, and I can be trusted to do it.
⦁ I’m reclaiming the life that I love ~ the life that I deserve.

Notice that each of these statements is:

⦁ personal (about you),
⦁ positive,
⦁ present tense (the future never gets here),
⦁ powerful, and
⦁ pointing to an exciting new future for you.

Once you have your new paradigm, keep repeating it to yourself until you accept that this is the truth and your old one is the lie. This won’t happen overnight; for most of us it takes weeks or months. But keep going until you begin to know that your new paradigm is starting to take charge. The magic is worth the wait — I promise.

Your new Paradigm naturally leads you to take the Actions that generate the Results you want and need in an ever-positive cycle of being who you really are.


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