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Strategic Steps to Help Women Move Ahead In the 2020 Boardroom

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We are on the cusp of a major transformation. For the first time in history, the global workforce will be housing all five different generations in the workplace. While some women have found the confidence to earn a seat in the boardroom many are, unfortunately, held back by fear. Recent surveys reveal that almost 78 percent of women are considering leaving the corporate world because they do not feel encouraged enough to make a difference in leadership and the workplace.

A few steps that women can take to successfully transition in the corporate world:

1. Grow your Social Intelligence Skills
As women, we can grow our social intelligence skills to develop powerful relationships. Statistics prove that men easily take the lead when it comes to rubbing shoulders, however women often feel uncomfortable about reaching out, playing politics and doing business networking. Reversing this perception will work wonders within the organisational culture.  By working to effectively build enriching, rewarding and professional relationships on all levels, regardless of whether we are referring to stakeholders, colleagues or directors, this will improve levels of confidence and the way others see us. Forming a female networking platform/forum will help women pull together to create a woman friendly culture in the workplace, hence growing your social influence on certain levels.

2. Teaming up
Inviting men to networking sessions and making them a part of the solution – will encourage support and participation from the opposite sex. Teaming up with our male counterparts will produce positive steps towards bridging the gender gaps in the workplace.

3. Overcoming Fear
Fear debilitates us on many levels and keeps us out of the loop. By unleashing the confidence to conquer the very thing we fear, we will draw closer to success – take the time to explore the various triggers. For example, if you have a fear of speaking in public or doing boardroom presentations, attend a public speaking course in order to address this issue.

4. Bridging the Generation Gap
By collaborating and openly communicating with women from the different generations we can understand the mindsets governing each of the five generations. For example, Generation Y and Z seek feedback and coaching in the workplace and Generation X can provide this mentoring structure. If properly addressed having five different generations in the workplace can produce phenomenal results and the future enterprise can have a friendly work practice.

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