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Strategic Steps to Help Women Move Ahead In the 2020 Boardroom

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5. Understanding the Political Arena
Embrace office politics instead of steering away. Take the time to understand the politics at play within the organisation and pay careful attention to how the most successful people within the company behave.

6. Integrating with the Google Generation
The internet is no longer a phenomenon but more of a necessity. Google happens to be the best friend of most adults and can solve any equation, providing facts, explanations, correct grammar, spelling etc. Business needs have evolved and technology is at the peak of its cutting edge therefore skill alignment is compulsory in order to keep abreast of developments. Being female is not a good excuse for not being up to speed with technology and skill. Take charge by assessing your skills, knowledge, etc and take the necessary action to bridge any digital gaps. For example, if need to know advanced Excel to create spreadsheets etc, try attending an excel course to improve your skill.

7. Coping Mechanism
Find mechanisms to cope with juggling being a mother, a wife, a home executive and an employee. Some days might be more stressful than other days. Get a support structure outside work to help you cope with the pressures of life.

8. Supporting other Female Colleagues
Ladies, take measures to keep that emotional barometer in check and most importantly let’s give support to fellow female colleagues by championing their causes and ideas. Women in leadership roles should mentor women in junior positions.

9. Go the Extra Mile and become a part of the Solution
Don’t expect favours because you are a woman; be willing to go the extra mile. This might require staying behind for an additional 30 minutes to complete a piece of task, do so whole heartedly. Find creative ways of sharing your perspectives and presenting ideas that would benefit processes and methodologies within the department. By striving to work towards the improvement of productivity and performance, we can become part of a solution.

10. Dress the part and Act the part
If you want respect, then you’ve got to command it. Your dressing speaks volumes about you. Dressing and image go hand in hand; spend some time working on your self-image and ensure that your wardrobe fits the occasion. No need to emulate your male counterparts but do act and speak with confidence. Flirt only in the ballroom and not in the boardroom.

Women with the help of men will be instrumental in reshaping the future workforce and bringing about revolutionary changes. By following these steps women will be sure to rock the 2020 workforce and succeed at boardroom level.

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