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First, an individual has to become aware of holding a limiting or distorted view. If the individual critically examines this view, opens herself to alternatives, and ultimately changes the way she sees things, she has transformed some part of her personal paradigm.

What is tricky about transformation is that we equate past experience with TRUTH. A bad experience buying a car or renting an apartment means sales people and brokers are shady. Disappointment the first time we actually saw the burger from that infamous commercial means that marketing is tantamount to deception.

What are your ingrained perceptions of marketing? What feelings come up when you think about having to market yourself?

It may take a significant event, like not being able to sustain your business, to lead you to question your assumptions and beliefs about marketing. In my 30 years of marketing experience, I’ve come to see that there is a way to transform mindsets of FEAR into COURAGE, SCARCITY into ABUNDANCE, CONFUSION into CALM, PERFECTIONISM into ADVENTURE, IMPATIENCE into EASE.

Without a paradigm shift in your marketing mindsets, you’ll be caught in the same old struggles as before. Your business will be stagnant and your efforts will yield meager results.

What would be possible if you approached your coaching practice with these mindsets transformed?

Rather than being STOPPED BY FEAR, enthusiasm would propel you forward to speak about what you do with confidence.
Instead of making excuses such as not having enough time to try new things, you’d use courage to explore new ways of marketing.
“No” would not derail you, and you’d understand that making mistakes is HUMAN and OK.
Marketing would stop being this thing you hate, and resurrect itself as something you are excited to do.
You would adapt new tools, strategies, and ideas to make your messaging memorable.
Your marketing would lead you to new experiences, people, and
conversations that you had never imagined.
You would give up your fixed belief of marketing being hard and take on the
ease and grace of marketing yourself authentically.

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