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Ten Goal-Getting Mind-Steps

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Forget goal setting and go for GOAL-GETTING!  Anyone can set goals.  It takes rigor and discipline and committed action to get your goals once they are set.  Setting them is the easy part. Making them a reality requires having the mindsets and attitudes, beliefs and alignment to passionately move each day in the direction of your intended results.

Here are ten steps for how you can get your goals:

1. Unreasonable Outrageousness:  The first step is to know where you’re going.  That means dream your biggest, wildest dream and from there cast your vision. The best vision is unreasonable, outrageous, enormous and powerful.

2. Reasonable Realism: Then you can begin the task of setting reasonable, realistic goals that align with your unreasonable, outrageous, enormous and powerful vision.  These goals should represent the steps to get to your outrageous vision.  What will it take? Who will you need to be?

3. Shaping the Win:  In order to know down the road if you’ve accomplished the goals you’ve set for yourself, you must first have a specific, measurable, clear intended outcome.  You will need to define for each goal your success indicators, criteria for completion…how you’ll know if you’ve done it.  What will you see, feel, hear, say, do, believe, encounter once you’ve gotten that particular goal?  What will it look like when it’s done and how will you be able to tell it’s done?

4. Recording Your Intentions:  Which simply means, write them down.  Just thinking of your goals is not sufficient.  Write them, even if you don’t look at your list again until the end of the year (or decade), just the act of writing them down programs the goals into your mind, cells, and being. Besides, it makes them more real and gets them outside of you, which is almost as strong as a public declaration for setting our intention of accountability.

5. Public Declaration:  Ever wonder why stating something publicly makes it real?  You’re not married until you say “I do”. Saying it in front of an audience is a commitment that allows those outside of you to participate and hold you accountable.  To get your goals, it is crucial to set up a system of accountability.  Whether you make a public declaration, post it on Twitter or Facebook, or simply tell your coach/boss/spouse/employee/friend is up to you, but you have to get it outside of yourself beyond writing it down.  You have to share it.

6. You Can’t Be Trusted: You cannot be trusted to fulfill your own intentions when the stakes are meaningful and high.  That’s not a criticism, it’s simply one of the pitfalls of being human. If you want to get your goals, you must enroll support partners.  These folks have the duty of keeping you on track and not letting you off the hook when you make excuses or find really compelling reasons not to do what you said you wanted to do.  You will always let yourself off the hook, which is why you can’t be trusted with this.  Get outside support!

7. Anchor, hook and storyboard:  Even the best-laid plans can go awry.  We find so many ways to sabotage our dreams and ourselves. You must determine a compelling “so what” for why you want to achieve that goal.  It can be a mental image, it can be a physical result, it can be a feeling you hope to achieve, but there must be some anchor that is so powerful it can be the hook that re-motivates you to aligned action. Create a storyboard or a vision board for yourself and the outcomes you seek as a visual reminder of where you are going so that when you get stuck you can easily get yourself re-inspired.

8. Yes You Can!  If you believe you can, you will.  If you believe you can’t, you are correct. Give yourself permission to succeed.

9. Trust: One of the key mindsets for success is to consciously let go of attachment to how it has to happen.  Keep your focus on the outcome and trust that it will happen. Eliminate any desire to control how it happens.

10. Keep On Keepin’ On:  Even if it is just baby steps, do something every day towards your goal. No action is too minor. Be in constant action.  Focus on mindful action being fully present to your action each day.

Don Hutson, co-author of The One-Minute Entrepreneur, in his blog post on mapping out goals said it best:

“Studies prove that if you methodically and purposefully set goals you will increase your chances of leading the pack. You can’t just work hard on your job — you must factor in working hard on yourself to turn untapped capabilities into the currency of results. A recent study revealed that only one-half of 1 percent of the employed American workforce has their goals in writing. Despite the myriad distractions we endure today, we need to get focused on what is possible. The means by which we program our subconscious minds for higher achievement is to have written goals and resolutions that increase our commitment and probability of achievement threefold. If we write them down and assign a time frame for accomplishment, we quintuple our resolve and results.”

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